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REading/Writing help survey video Fall 2023 (December)

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2016-05-18 Modern Hue - 05-18-2016 - Track 1

Modern Hue - 05-18-2016 Track: 1 Concert Date: May 18, 2016 Old filename: 4322.mp3

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Offering Valuable and Actionable Feedback.mp4

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Zoom & Canvas Tutorial

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CAHSS advising: 1st year students

Zoom Recording ID: 88329515106 UUID: jkH/IVWFQWmb/xNoHHO4YQ== Meeting Time: 2022-05-05 08:17:16pm

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Universal Design for Learning: Multiple Means of Action and Expression TEP Workshop_without breakout room

Zoom Recording ID: 86419077644 UUID: aVohwVDTQIqTYmKZsmn5/A== Meeting Time: 2022-04-28 05:49:04pm

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KBYG Student Role and Expectations

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Building Your Master Plan to Your Dream Job

Building Your Master Plan to Your Dream JobTuesday, October 26th, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pmLocation: Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, Room 240Description: A workshop targeted towards…

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Findings and Discussion: Creating Reciprocal Avenues to Meaningful Change

NAGPRA Community of Practice call from April 23, 2021. AAIA 2020 Repatriation Conference findings and discussion: “Creating Reciprocal Avenues to Meaningful Change: Tribal Nation Experts…

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Canvas Tours - Sabine Lang

The Canvas Course Tours was hosted as a virtual event that recognized and shared innovative Canvas courses! During this session, we heard from faculty across disciplines who have used Canvas in…

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Kylie Dillinger May 8 2020 Colloquium Presentation

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Lynn Holland

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An Evening of Poems and Stories by Residents of Urban Peak at Counterpath Press

Community Writing Center reading at Counterpath with residents of Urban Peak.

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Importing Content into a NFP Courses

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ZOOM Bootcamp for Students

This video covers: - Not using DU SSO login - Having multiple ZOOM accounts - Forgot DU account password - Low bandwidth and low computer resources - Visual and auditory distractions - Mute…

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Spirituals and Social Justice, 2016

Video recording of the "Spirituals and Social Justice" event held at the Anderson Academic Commons, University of Denver, on 2016 October 27. Featuring Dr. Arthur Jones.

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