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LIS 4015 9.6.1 Summary

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Diversity Summit 2021: Inclusive Supervision | University of Denver

Diversity, equity and inclusion work has never been more important in higher education and in our working lives, yet little is known about how to translate this into how managers effectively lead. As…

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2011 Provost Conference - Reinventing the Classroom, New Terms in Student Engagement - Part 2

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Virginia Welcome.mp4

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Engaging Ideas - Dr. Barry Hughes, Global Futures (Quick Take)

This Engaging Idea explores the question of human progress and the International Futures (IFs) model, a tool developed by Dr. Hughes which is used by countries around the world to help understand…

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5. The Student Experience

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Interview with Interim Provost Corinne Lengsfeld

Interim Provost Corinne Lengsfeld talks about her journey at DU and her plans for the University moving forward

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Kaye Howe - Critical Issues

Digital Pioneers 2010-2014

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