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Ed-Tech Collective: Coaching Practices and Articulate 360 in Canvas (12/7/2023)

2:00-2:30 Prof. Clayton Kuklick How to bring effective coaching practices into the classroom 2:30-3:00 Ben Kohntopp, Kerry Floyd & Chelsie Ruge Creating Engaging…

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First Year Student Convocation - Class of 2027 (9/5/2023)

WELCOME CLASS OF 2027Tuesday, Sept. 5, is move-in day for first-year students at the University of Denver. Approximately 1,470 families will arrive on campus to help their students get settled into…

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1DAY4DU: Chancellor's Priorities

Join us on 1DAY4DU to support all of these great projects and more!

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FIIT: Module 1 Video 3 Curriculum Development

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Zines in the Classroom

Zines are a great tool for classroom use as both sources, and projects. This video essay outlines how and why zines can be used in the classroom.

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Diversity Summit 2021: Talking Race, Talking Space | University of Denver

Talking Race, Talking Space: Building and Sustaining a Recognized Black Community at the University of Denver February 11, 2021 A Community + Values Community Talk, in partnership with…

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KBYG Cultural Awareness

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Open Discussion-January 14, 2022

NAGPRA Community of Practice call from January 14, 2022. Open Discussion (NCP In-person gathering, budgeting for consultations, testing for contaminants, budgetary obstacles to repatriation).

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No descrptions given for Loveland Museum Gallery oral histories

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Allen Ginsberg Basic Poetics Part 30 1980 May 12

A Basic Poetics class taught by Allen Ginsberg in 1980 at Naropa. Ginsberg begins the class by speaking about the heroic couplet form. Ginsberg then segues into reading and discussing the poetry of…

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Minori "Min" Yasui for Colorado Reflections (Part 1)

No description

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Brad Bowles for Colorado Reflections

Brad Bowles professor of theater at the University of Colorado at Denver discusses his work with senior citizens to collect biographical stories in order to create plays based on these stories.…

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Bill Powell Sprint Promo

Daniels College of Business Entrepreneur In-Residence Bill Powell presenting an abbreviated welcome his "The Perfect Pitch" Sprint class.

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Oral History Interview with Aubrey Garber 1984 July 21 (Side B)

Aubrey Garber describes his serving as a smokejumper during World War Two because of his conscientious objector status. He talks about the training and the Japanese fire bomb threat. Garber also…

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Pioneer Passage - Sept 8th 2015

2015 Pioneer Passage held in the Hamiliton Gymnasium

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Opening Gates and Overcoming Barriers Understanding Latina and Latino Student Success in Higher Education

2014 Provost Lecture & Luncheon. Lisa Martinez, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminology and Core faculty member of the DU Latino Center for Community Engagement and…

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