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LIS 4070 4.2.1 Implicit and Explicit Bias

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LIS 4005 9.3.1 Successful Strategies When Discussing Difficult Topics

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LIS 4005 9.1.1 Understanding the Role of the Facilitator

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LIS 4005 7.3.1 Implicit Bias and LIS

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LIS 4005 2.1.1 Getting to Know Your Community

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2016-11-03 Lamont Symphony Orchestra - 11-03-2016 - Track 12

Lamont Symphony Orchestra - 11-03-2016 Track: 12 Concert Date: November 03, 2016 Old filename: 4456.mp3

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Diversity Summit 2021: Inclusive Supervision | University of Denver

Diversity, equity and inclusion work has never been more important in higher education and in our working lives, yet little is known about how to translate this into how managers effectively lead. As…

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Diversity Summit 2021: Critical Conversations - LGBTQ+ Perspectives | University of Denver

Over the last year, the United States has been confronted with the reality of multiple pandemics (i.e., COVID-19, continued racial injustice, etc.). For LGBTQ+ communities, the existence of COVID-19…

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KBYG Cultural Awareness

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Gather Lunch with Jacob McWilliams

What can COVID-19 teach us about transphobia and trans inclusion? The coronavirus pandemic is amplifying pre-existing social concerns, including unequal access to high quality health care;…

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Identity Wheel: Goals, Expectations, Instructions

In this video, Dr. Deb Ortega will explore the concept of culturally responsive supervision including the utilization of concrete tools such as the Identity Wheel. Dr. Ortega is the founding…

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