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LIS 4000 10.4.1 The Dots of LIS

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LIS 4702 1.2.3 Roundtable: What Are Public Libraries? Continued

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LIS 4510 1.5.1 Seven Skills

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1DAY4DU: Chancellor's Priorities

Join us on 1DAY4DU to support all of these great projects and more!

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Oral history interview with Humphreys Ray

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Virginia Welcome.mp4

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Internationalization Summit-Closing Remarks

Closing remarks from the University of Denver's Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, Mary Clark.

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The Assessment Salon. Episode 4: Students' Funds of Knowledge with Dra. Christine Vega

Join us for this episode of The Assessment Salon with our guest Dra. Christine Vega (she/her/ella) where we delve into the creative power behind Chicana feminism in the classroom, triangulate the…

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Week 2 Event update and announcing Career Connections

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2. Benefits of Hybrid Approach

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Small Teaching- From Minor Changes to Major Learning with James Lang

Ongoing calls to revolutionize and revitalize higher education need balancing with the everyday work that many faculty do in educating their students in traditional classroom spaces or online…

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Report from Washington. Council for a Livable World, 1964 July 2

Senator Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) delivers his weekly radio address, Report from Washington, on July 2, 1964. Sen. Dominick discusses the Council for a Livable World, including its mission of…

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