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Module 1 Video 4 Assessment

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Final Module 1 Video 2 Knowledge Construction

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Oral History Interview with Jennifer Euell 2001 May 4 (Side A)

Jennifer Euell describes her early years and education. She explains her transition from journalism to social work and to her current position as Coordinator of SARS (Sexual Assault Recovery Service)…

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Oral History Interview with Sally Mullen 2002 November 28 (Tape 1, Side A)

Sally Mullen describes her family background her experience as a founding member of the Blue Mountain Clinic in Missoula and her three stints as executive director of that organization. Mullen…

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Oral History Interview with Diane Sands 2000 December 15 (Tape 1, Side B)

Diane Sands describes growing up in the Sixties and changes in society including race gender equity struggles civil unrest religious faction joined by politics and feminist issues amidst the…

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Viral Invasion of Our Immune Systems with Scott Pegan

In this DUing Research video Prof. Scott Pegan explains his research into Viral invasion of our immune systems. He explains how he crystallizes viral strains and uses this to study viral structures.

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Martin Margittai: Research on Alzheimer's Disease

The folding of proteins into correct three-dimensional structures and the control over their intermolecular interactions is of central importance to the proper functioning of cells. A complex…

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Catalyst Series for Social Justice: Exploring Racialized Trauma with Resmaa Menakem

The 2021–22 Catalyst Series for Social Justice launches with author, activist, and somatic abolitionist Resmaa Menakem. As a therapist, trauma specialist and the founder of Justice Leadership…

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Reevaluating Nonconformities

2021 Western Places | Western Spaces Conference Bouncing Forward: Building Thriving, Healthy & Equitable Communities

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Accelerate Webinar Series: Lessons on Leadership from Emergency Situations

Brandon Daruna, Chief of the Gilpin Ambulance Authority and a 20-year EMS veteran, discusses leadership lessons from front-line responders. For more webinars visit:…

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Robert D. Richardson: The Uses of Structural Criticism (Reel 1 / Side 2)

This reel contains Robert Richardson a once University of Denver professor discussing the uses of structural criticism in literature. Richardson proceeds to outline several examples of literary…

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Oral history interview with Hale Smith, 1999

Hale Smith recounts his early experiences with music beginning with piano lessons at the age of 7, and recognizing his desire to create his own music. He discusses his approach to composing, and his…

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Course Overview of University College Course Design

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