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LIS 4011 1.6.1 Search and Discovery Technologies

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LIS 4010 6.2.2 Current State of BIBFRAME Technology

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LIS 4000 7.3.1 Examples of Library Technologies

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LIS 4000 7.2.1 Library Technologies: Definitions and Aims

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LIS 4015 10.3.4 Better Living Through Hardware

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LIS 4015 10.3.3 Face Recognition, Voice Control, and VR

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MBA_4610 B-Law_Public Policy Week 1 Intro

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Ed-Tech-Collective - 4/7/2022

- New OTL Ed-Tech FERPA - Canvas Immersive Reader - Kurzweil 3000 - Zoom breakout room updates - Zoom Kaltura issues

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Top Trends in Leadership and Development Training

Across industries, the pandemic has accelerated change. David Worley, leader of Executive Education at the Daniels College of Business, kicked off 2022 with an Accelerate Webinar episode devoted to…

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Alumni Symposium 2013: Matt Bond -The Changing Media Landscape

Matt Bond (BSBA '83) Executive Vice President of Content Distribution for NBCUniversal speaks at the 2013 Alumni Symposium. Matt talks about the changing media landscape as a result of new…

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Energizing Cities (Renewably)

2021 Western Places | Western Spaces Conference Bouncing Forward: Building Thriving, Healthy & Equitable CommunitiesPlanning, Law, and Science Meet to Save the World

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Internationalization Summit - Panel - Global Learning - A foundation for sustainable development

Global learning provides a foundation to understand and analyze complex problems that transcend national borders with collaborative solutions. By integrating global learning into curricular and…

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Teaching Slam - Polina Dimova

The Teaching Slam was hosted as a virtual event to recognize and celebrate the innovative approaches faculty have made to their teaching practices. During this session, we heard from faculty…

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Kaltura Hotspot Menu Demo

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2012 Founders Day, Emmit McHenry

A bio on Emmit McHenry, the recipient of the 2012 Randolph P. McDonough Award.

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The Role of Science in the Criminal Justice System

Professor Danielson's research interests center on forensic science. A major focus of the Danielson laboratory is the analysis of “touch-type” DNA; the resolution of DNA mixtures and…

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