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"History of the Pioneers of the Mancos Valley" obituary of Lamb Mary Elizabeth and the history of the Montezuma National Forest 1975 (Side A)

History of the Pioneers of the Mancos Valley" obituary of Lamb Mary Elizabeth and the history of the Montezuma National Forest 1975

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Frank Lakin Interview Part 8 between 1984-1987 (Side B)

An oral history interview taken as part of the research process for Dr. Larsons book Shaping Educational Change.

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Ayudar lamas queridas, 1968

Albuquerque, New Mexico. See item 20.3. Quality: Good.

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Interview With a Field Instructor

Joanna Kipnis graduated from the Hunter School of Social Work in 2004; she has been a field instructor since 2008 and completed her Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) certification from Columbia…

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Identity Wheel: Goals, Expectations, Instructions

In this video, Dr. Deb Ortega will explore the concept of culturally responsive supervision including the utilization of concrete tools such as the Identity Wheel. Dr. Ortega is the founding…

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Use of Self

The following clip is from a GSSW Foundation-year class, Clinical Social Work Skills. The content is geared toward a student audience and highlights how the concept of "use of self" is…

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Overview of Elements of Effective Supervision

integration of class and field

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Framing the Field Experience: Developmental Stages of an Internship

The developmental stages of an Internship is a framework for experiential learning. The model, taken from Sweitzer and King's The Successful Internship—Transformation and Empowerment in…

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Listening With the Heart

Please watch the following video clip from a foundation-level clinical skills class “Listening With the Heart.” This is one example of how students are encouraged to connect theory with…

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How to Connect Theory and Practice

In the following brief interview, hear a student's perspective on ways he was proactive in helping to integrate classroom learning with his field practice.

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Field Liaision

Watch this informative conversation about the roles and responsibilities of the field liaison with Karli Cunningham, LCSW. She is a field liaison and off-site MSW supervisor at the University of…

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Middle Stages of Supervision (Addressing Disillusionment/Confrontation)

Stages: Disillusionment/Confrontation In this scene, the field instructor will: Expect this stage and initiate the conversation Acknowledge, clarify, and normalize student feelings Build on the…

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Tips for Success: Scheduling, Timekeeping, and Holidays

How will elements above differ from our on-campus training

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Field Education Roles and Responsibilites

There are multiple people available to support both our community partners (you) and our students in the field. However, with multiple people, there are multiple roles/titles and that can be…

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End Stages of Supervision (Competence and Culmination)

Stages: Competence/Culmination In the competence stage, the field instructor has provided more responsibility and autonomy for the student and the relationship has shifted to be more focused on…

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Individualized Field Education Plan (IFEP): Goals and Expectations

Tips for Success

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